C05 Exemplars: Schemes of Learning – KS3

C05 schemeS of learning EXEMPLARS

for Key Stage 3 pupils:


  Study Unit Question AoE
1. What experiences and beliefs are important to me and to others? A&D
2. Does our planet have a future? B&E
3. Where are the answers to life’s big questions? C&F
4. What can we learn from religions, beliefs and communities today? B&D
5. How are religion and belief portrayed in the media? C&E
6. How might beliefs affect my thoughts, ideas and actions? A&F
7. How do people express their beliefs and identities? C&D
8. What do people believe about life and the place of religion and belief within it? A&E
9. What’s to be done? What really matters in religion and belief? B&F

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