C08 Exemplars: Scheme of Learning – Blank Template

Awareness Mystery Value (AMV) Scheme of Learning – Blank Template

Key Stage       Year Group(s)

Key Questions:


About this example


Where the example fits into the curriculum


Prior Learning


Featured Religions / Beliefs Areas of Enquiry
AT 1: Learning ABOUT religion and belief AT 2: Learning FROM religion and belief
A. Beliefs, teachings and sources D. Identity and belonging
B. Practices and ways of life E. Meaning, purpose and truth
C. Forms of expression F. Values and commitments
Key Question:


Supplementary Questions


Learning Outside the Classroom


Expectations: are the focus areas of enquiry identified on the previous page

By the end of this sequence of learning:

[Developing] Pupils: [Secure] Pupils: [Exceeding] Pupils:
·   xxx

·   xx

·   x


· ·
Key Question:


Teaching and Learning Activities
Step 1: Engagement (Lesson 1)
Set up an enquiry. 


Step 2: Investigation (Lesson 2 and 3 + )


Step 3: Response and Action (Lesson 4+5 )








Step 4. Summary and Assessment of learning










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