B05 Attitudes in Religious Education


Attitudes such as respect, care and concern should be promoted through all areas of school life. In this way religious education contributes to the whole school ethos.

There are some attitudes that are fundamental to religious education in that they are prerequisites for entering fully into the study of religion and belief, and learning from that experience. Teachers should help pupils to develop their:

  1. Self-esteem – by providing opportunities for them to:
    • recognize their own uniqueness as human beings, and affirm their self-worth;
    • feel confident about their own beliefs and identity and share them without fear of embarrassment or ridicule;
    • develop a realistic and positive sense of their own religious and spiritual ideas;
    • become increasingly sensitive to the impact of their ideas and behaviour upon other people.
  2. Curiosity – by providing opportunities for them to:
    • explore religious ideas through reflection, empathy and imagination;
    • look beyond surface impressions;
    • look for answers and seek after truth;
    • search for meanings in life;
    • consider the personal relevance of religious questions.
  3. Sense of Fairness – by providing opportunities for them to:
    • listen carefully to the views of others;
    • acknowledge bias in their own views;
    • consider evidence and argument;
    • make reasoned judgements about what is worthy of respect and what is not.
  4. Respect for others – by providing opportunities for them to:
    • recognize the needs and concerns of others;
    • understand the importance of not ridiculing others;
    • recognize the rights of others to hold their own views;
    • appreciate that people’s religious beliefs are often deeply felt;
    • develop a balanced sense of self-worth and value.

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