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AMV is a joint initiative between local authorities to provide all the Religious Education syllabus and guidance you need – not only to fulfil any legal requirements, but to inspire and guide young people as a diverse range of beliefs are taught.

David Francis
Dave Francis 
Dave is the Associate Adviser and Clerk for Bath & North East Somerset SACRE.
01373 455610

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David Rees, Jan Lever Group
David Rees 
David Rees is the associate adviser for North Somerset. David was an RE leader for 25 years and an Advanced Skills Teacher for Religious Education.
Katy Staples
Katy Staples 
Katy is adviser/consultant for Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Swindon SACREs and sits on the National Religious Education Strategy Group.
Anita Compton
Anita Compton 
Anita is experienced in delivering Religious Education and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) is passionate about the importance of RE and literacy in schools and understanding the role religion plays in our diverse world. She is the independent Consultant Adviser (RE for Haringey SACRE).
0207 428 0576

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About this website

This site holds around 70 documents, arranged into six categories. To make accessing the documents appropriate to your role as easy as possible, there are a few different ways into the information you need:

  • Use the navigation at the top of the page for main areas of content
  • Click on your role on the homepage for a full listing of all documents tagged for your role
  • See the site map for a full listing of all pages and an ordered list of all documents
  • If you’re missing one or two items of content, use the search facility with a few key words

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