C07 Exemplars: RE-Live!



‘RE-Live!’ is a project to produce a series of eight mini-units of learning (two for each key stage) for RE, that make use of examples from the contemporary world.

Viewing such experiences and events through the lens of ‘Big Ideas’ provides a means for deep learning and progression in the subject. This ensures that religion and belief is the focus of the learning.

The lesson plans come with opportunities for assessment of learning, making use of the strategies developed by the Learn Teach Lead RE (LTLRE) group of teachers in the South-West and described in ‘Big Ideas for Religious Education’ (Wintersgill, B. 2017. University of Exeter).

The new RE-Live! exemplars here are designed to promote pupils’:

  • interest in how religion and belief features in the world today;
  • knowledge and understanding of the diversity of religion and belief even in apparently ‘mono-cultural’ settings;
  • deeper understanding of people from different groups.

Note: Not all units yet have RE-Live! exemplars.


Reception and Key Stage 1

  Study Unit Question AoE
1. Who are we? – Part 1 for Early Years A&D
1. Who are we? – Part 2 for KS1 A&D


Key Stage 2

9. How should we live and who can inspire us? – For Lower KS2 B&F
9. How should we live and who can inspire us? – For Upper KS2 B&F


Key Stage 3

5. How are religion and belief portrayed in the media? C&E
6. How might beliefs affect my thoughts, ideas and actions? – Full Unit A&F


Key Stage 4

1. How to lead a good life A&F

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