A02b RE Checklist for Managing the Right of Withdrawal

A02b Checklist for managing the right of withdrawal


  • Is the school careful to ensure that RE is of educational value to all pupils, whatever their belief background, thus reducing the likelihood of parental/carer requests for withdrawal?
  • Does the school ensure that the nature, objectives and content of RE are shared with parents?
  • Are parents or carers notified about plans for RE as part of the curriculum for the coming session for their child’s class?
  • Does the school have a procedure in place for parents or carers who want to withdraw children from RE?
  • Does the organisation of the curriculum allow parents to exercise the right of withdrawal?
  • What practical implications arise from a request by parents to withdraw a child from RE and how might they be addressed?
  • Are all those who teach RE aware of the school’s procedures?
  • Are all teachers aware of their own right not to have to teach RE?

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