A02d RE Checklist for Monitoring & Evaluating Provision




  • Have RE curriculum decisions been based on the principles of effective planning?
    Has there been sound application of these principles?
  • Can the parental right of withdrawal be accommodated, where necessary?
    Does the model of curriculum delivery take into account how provision might be adapted?
  • Do pupils value and recognise the contribution RE makes to their understanding of different communities and ways of life, and to the concept of diversity?
  • Do pupils have real opportunities to explore and gain first-hand experience of religious and cultural diversity?
  • Does the school help pupils to deepen their understanding
    of their own beliefs and values?
    – of other people’s?
  • Does RE provide a context to build relationships with the local communities – including those groups with whom it is more difficult to forge links?
  • Within the school, does RE provide a voice for religious and other minority groups?
    Does it develop a culture of mutual understanding and respect?
  • Does the school treat religion and belief seriously?
    Does it model ways of building respect?
  • Does the school know enough about the diversity of religion and ethical perspectives within the local community?
    Does it explore ways of making links with those communities?
  • In a largely mono-cultural school, how well is RE working to foster a broader awareness of cultural and religious diversity?


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