A02e RE Checklist for Planning Post-14 Provision



Do the students have opportunities to:

  • reflect on, express and justify their own opinions and beliefs about religion and religious, philosophical, moral and spiritual questions?
  • develop their own values and attitudes so that they can recognise their rights and responsibilities in light of their learning about religion and belief?
  • relate their learning to the wider world, gaining a sense of personal autonomy in preparation for adult life?
  • develop skills that are useful in a wide range of careers and in adult life generally, especially skills of critical enquiry, creative problem-solving, and communication in a variety of media?
  • have their achievements in RE recognised by an approved qualification?


If the student is to study RE wholly or partly in a further education college:

  • has appropriate provision been made?
  • is it coherent and of good quality?


If a parent/carer or post 16 student has exercised their right of withdrawal:

  • Has this been taken into account in RE planning?

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