G09 Understanding Christianity: matching with R&KS1 AMV units



Many Church of England Schools and other schools may be seeking to use the resource ‘Understanding Christianity’ which the Church of England Education Office hopes will set the bar for the quality of teaching and learning about Christianity in Church Schools.

This document will help schools plan their teaching so they can match the Understanding Christianity Units of work with the locally agreed syllabus (AMV)

Reception and Key Stage 1

AMV Unit Understanding Christianity
1. Who are we? (A&D)

 What makes people special?

Who is special to me? How do some people support and guide us (including key people with differing beliefs, values and ideas)? Why am I special?

What can we learn from stories (or songs)?

What makes us joyful, peaceful, wonder, reflective, happy or sad in stories/ songs?

How might stories help us understand more about ourselves and ideas about God?


F1 God/Creation

Why is the word ‘God’ so important to Christians?

2. Why are some times Special (B&E)

Why might  XXXXXX festival be important to a XXXXXX family.

i.e. Why might Shabbat be important in a Jewish home?

When does it happen ? What is remembered? What do people do and why?

 Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?

What special objects are used by some Christians at this time?

How might celebrating Christmas make Christian children understand more about God?







F2 Incarnation Why do Christians perform Nativity plays at Christmas?

1.3 Incarnation Why does Christmas matter to Christians?

F3 Salvation Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?

1.5 Salvation Why does Easter matter to Christians?

3. Why are some stories special? (C&F)

What stories and books are important to xxxxx families ?

How are stories told and holy books treated and used by xxxxx people?

 What do some stories teach about how people should live?

How do the stories told to children help them to be kind to other people, kind to animals or kind to the world?





AMV Unit Understanding Christianity
4. Where do we belong? (B&D)

 What difference might belonging to the xxxx faith make to a family?

What might xxxxxx children do because they belong to a xxxxxx family?

What difference might it make to a child to feel that they belong to a xxxxx family?.

 How might going to the Mosque give Muslims a sense of belonging?

What might Muslims do when they go to the Mosque? How will those actions help a Muslim feel part of their community?

5. How do we celebrate our journey through life? (C&E)

 How might xxxxx families celebrate birth ?

What artefacts, symbols and ceremonies are used at birth?

Why is birth a significant or special time in the life of a family?

How might XXXXXX families celebrate marriage?

What artefacts, symbols and ceremonies are used to show celebrate marriage?

Why is this a special or significant time for a couple or their family at this time?

6. How should we live our lives? (A&F)

What did Jesus teach about how to be kind to other people?

What teachings and stories did Jesus tell to help people understand how to treat other people?

How do those teachings change the way some Christians live their lives?

What stories or teachings do XXXXXX children learn to help them know how to be kind?

What stories are told to XXXXXX children to help them to be kind?

How does learning those stories change the way in which xxxxxxxxs live their lives?




AMV Unit Understanding Christianity
7. Why are some places special? (C&D)

13 What makes a Church a special building for Christians?

What does a Church look like on the outside and the inside?

Does a Church have special places within it, special pictures or symbols or objects?

How is the Church and the special things in it used?

What can you tell about what Christians’ believe from a Church and the special things in it?

14 What makes a XXXXXX a special place for XXXXXXXs?

What does a xxxxxxxx look like on the outside and the inside?

Does a XXXXXX have special places within it, special pictures or symbols or objects ?

How is the XXXXXXX and the special things in it used?

What can you tell about what XXXXXX’s believe from a XXXXXX and the special things in it?


1:1 God What do Christians believe God id like?

8. Why is our world special? (A&E)

15 What do Christians and xxxxxxs  believe about the world?

What do stories (particularly creation stories) poems and prayers say about the world?

What can we tell about what people believe about God, the world and nature from these stories, poems and prayers?

16. Why do people believe we should look after our world?

Why do people think we should look after our world?

How do people show they care / or don’t care about or world?


1.2 Creation Who made the world?

9. Why is Jesus important? (B&F)

17 Why do Christians (and people from other faiths) believe Jesus was special?

What can we tell about what Christians’ believe about Jesus from :

a) Stories about his birth?

b) Miracle stories?

c) Stories about his death and resurrection?

18 Why is Jesus someone that Christians want to follow?

How might the way Jesus lived and the things he said guide people in their lives?

a) His example as a good friend?

b) The way he included people that others left out.

c) The teaching found in one of the parables.


1.4 Gospel What is the good news Jesus brings?

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