G14 Concept Starters: PowerPoint presentations with teacher notes


Provided here with the kind permission of RE:ONLINE.

The concept starters found here provide a way for teachers to introduce a key concept from a religion or belief to pupils. They have been written by Alison Harris, Katherine Wright, Anne Krisman, Dave Rees, Jonny Lawson, Emma McVittie, Jane Brooke, Jim Robinson, Don Cameron, Luke Donnellan, David Hampshire and Bella Saunders and edited by Dave Francis.

Each concept starter consists of introductory activities that will take place over just a few lessons. It is expected that pupils will then go on to use the material in further investigations.

The starters are all in the form of PowerPoint presentations, with Notes for the teacher under each slide.

Each presentation:

  • focuses on a key concept such as ‘creation’, ‘forgiveness’ or something specific to a particular religion/belief such as ‘sewa’;
  • focuses on a particular key stage;
  • focuses on learning about one or, at most two religions/beliefs, or on the broad field of ‘religion and belief’;
  • focuses the learning around a big question;
  • introduces the concept via a specific resource, such as a short passage from scripture, a picture, an artefact, a story, song, poem, etc;
  • contains a quick activity to engage pupils;
  • contains a contextualising idea (a belief, teaching, source of wisdom/authority, practice, way of life, or form of expression);
  • contains a ‘distancing’ device, e.g., a slide showing the views of a (young) person representing the religion/belief;
  • links to a learning outcome;
  • links to differentiated ‘where next?’ ideas for following up the starter;
  • returns to the key question and raise an idea for discussion or reflection.

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