F13 Guidance: Self-evaluation toolkit


This section contains a series of documents intended to help the subject leader evaluate the religious education in their school/academy.

One starting point is to make use of the monitoring questionnaire being used by some SACREs – see documents a, b and c below. There are questions included here about collective worship, though this may well NOT be the responsibility of the RE leader, and the questions can be directed to the headteacher.

Also included below are the evidence forms provided by the Religious Education Quality Mark (REQM). These documents provide indications of how well the school is doing in relation to ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and Bronze’ awards.

Documents g, h and i provide prompts for gathering the evidence about RE you need from pupils and colleagues, and the final document, j, is a diagrammatic representation of a process that might be followed in order to make the improvements you want to put into effect.


List of documents:

  1. Monitoring RE and Collective Worship: Example SACRE Letter to Schools
  2. Monitoring Questionnaire
  3. Improvement Plan for RE
  4. Religious Education Quality Mark (REQM) Evidence Form
  5. REQM Learner Questionnaire (Primary)
  6. REQM Learner Questionnaire (Secondary)
  7. Pupil Conferencing Questionnaire
  8. Pupil Work Scrutiny Judgements
  9. Staff Survey for the Improvement of RE
  10. Flow Chart for Managing Change

All other documents in this category: